Best Movies of 2019

If you thought 2018 was a great year for movie-goers, think again! This year is bringing the best of the best to your screens! Whatever your tastes in movies are, this year there will be a film for you. Movies have become a pivotal point in our pop culture, and they come in every shape and size. From big theater blockbusters to small scale documentaries released on your favorite streaming service, the quality of movies have been rising and rising.


Big Studios like Disney are bringing their best players this year. You can relive the nostalgia of Disney classic with not one, but three live action films of your favorite tales. First we have Dumbo by the visionary director Tim Burton, this film promises to bring a new twist to the old tale of the elephant who learnd to fly. Next enjoy all the action and romance of the fabulous Aladdin with Will Smith takign the place of Genie from the late pass Robbie Williams, the film is full of color and all the classic Disney magic. Finally, one of the best Disney movies of all times is getting the live action treatment as The Lion King will rise again this year.

Superhero fans

For superhero fans this year promises to be an epic one. DC is taking high bets on Shazam after the disaster of Justice League and the surprising success of Aquaman. This film is a lot more funny and very different from other movies on the DCU, and maybe that is for the best. On the other side Marvel is coming to the epic conclusion of 20 films and 10 years on the making of the MCU. They are introducing their new lead with Capitan Marvel just before the epic showdown of Avengers: Endgame. This movie is the conclusion of the Infinity Saga so it’s a must see film for every comic book fan, nothing on cinema history has been like this and it’s exiting to see how all will tie at the end. Finally they will release Spiderman: Far from home, to be the first film for the next stage of the MCU. Also Fox will be releasing the anticipated X-Men: Dark Phoenix at the end of this year. This film might be the end of the X-Men saga as we know it since the Disney-Fox arrangement.

For horror fans comes chilling films like Us and Midsommar that bring the best of the gender to the big scree. Original stories and not just cheap jump-scares, directors shine with these scary films.  

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